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At Stoneybrook Karate our students learn
Respect, Self-Discipline, Dedication, and Humility

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What we teach

We teach Shuri Te Ha Karate, a mixture of Shuri Te, Naha Te and Kyokushinkai Karate along with Nihon Ryu Jujutsu.

Shuri Te Ha teaches a powerful kicking (geri waza) and striking (atemi waza) style along with the Ne Waza (ground work) and Kansetsu Waza (joint locks) of Nihon Ryu Jujutsu. In addition to Kumite (Sparring), Sensei Hilgenberg teaches Shuri Te Ha Karate Katas and techniques along with Nihon Ryu Jujutsu, Judo and Traditional Kobujutsu (Japanese/Okinawan Weapons).

Shuri Te Ha will test your resolve and push you to work!


Stoneybrook Karate is under the instruction of Sensei Tim Hilgenberg who holds 4 black belts. Sensei Hilgenberg has been training since the age of 10 and trained in Okinawa Japan for 4 years.

Sensei Hilgenberg has trained National AAU Karate Champions and is dedicated to teaching the local community traditional Karate in a safe fun atmosphere. Stoneybrook Karate is a proud member of AAU Karate.

Our location

We are located at

15501 Stoneybrook W Pkwy, Winter Garden, FL 34787

Across the street from Publix, in the plaza with Dominos and Walgreens