"Sensei Tim and the team have an amazing ability to unlock hidden potential in the students. This dojo operates on the principles of mutual trust and respect - a critical component in any worthwhile endeavor. I love the interaction between the more experienced students with the newer students - it absolutely accelerates the pace of learning. This is a truly special place."

- The Kendall Family
"My son (Gian Paul) has been coming to this Dojo since it first opened. He has developed character and self confidence all in a family environment. This is a great place to learn Karate, self confidence and discipline."

- Gian Rivera
"Stonybrook karate is a place where you actually learn and not a place to play around. We do have fun but since I have joined I have shown discipline and respect. I love to learn here with Shihan Tim Hilgenberg and Sempei Gian Carlo. This place is awesome!

- Edgar Hernandez AAU National Champion
"This Dojo is not for the wannabes. It's for "I want to succeed." Sensei Tim is a no nonsense man. He does not baby his students. He is there to teach. Not to babysit. If your child wants to learn, then this Dojo is for your child. Hard work gives hard results. Nobody is just given a colored belt. you have to work for it. Karate is discipline and he instills that in every student. I'm proud of all the students."

- Phil Gould

"We have three boys. We have three, strong willed boys, just like their parents. Stoneybrook Karate has added discipline to their spirit. Their traditional Dojo has shown a marked improvement in their confidence and overall attitude. Even their teachers at school have commented on the difference in just a couple of months. We look forward to studying here to learn more about discipline, confidence, respect, self-defense, and life lessons."

- Malek Tawil
"I can't say enough about how this Dojo and Sensei Tim has helped to instill confidence and discipline in my daughter Arwen. She loves training here."

- Mike Bertrand
"My son Javier has been there for almost 5 years and has learned a lot. Sensei Tim has guided him throughout this time. This is a dojo where the students kids, teens and adults come to work and learn real karate..."

- Lara Urdaneta