Our Core Values

Stoneybrook Karate promotes a core of traditional Okinawan values.  Respect, Self-Discipline, Dedication, and Humility are the foundation of our philosophy.  Stoneybrook Karate is known for its high-level instruction and world-class athletes, and most importantly its disciplined students. Our students have developed into state and national champions who excel in all three major areas of competition: Kata, Kumite, and Kobudo.

Our Programs

We have programs to accommodate all age groups and skill levels.  Our students range from under 5 years old to over 60 and we do not require any prior experience.  In fact, most of our new students have no karate experience at all. We have a fun and friendly program that students will find both challenging and rewarding. 

We offer private lessons for those who need a more one-to-one setting or extra detail for competition focused students.


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At Stoneybrook Karate, your first class is free! We know that once you experience it you'll know our dojo is the right place for you.

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Private Lessons Available

For those students committed to going the next mile in Karate - we highly recommend private lessons. Starting at $50 per hour.